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Distant Fortunes Tarot Cards

Tarot cards created as a reward tier for Eddie Weinel's Distant Fortunes comic's Kickstarter Campaign.

Joe Becci Distant Fortunes Tarot

The Ghoster Project Illustrations

Concept illustrations of characters and scenes from the Thom Burgess & Toby Meakins' Ghoster project.

Invisible Cities Illustrations

Abstract Illustrations inspired by Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities.

Connecting Nothing with Something Illustration

Illustration for the short story Green grows the Rushes by Owen both, in the Kent coastal anthology collection Connecting nothing with Something.

Sailors - Illustration from Conncecting

RPG scene Illustrations

Personal illustrations, scenes from some Dungeon World "role-playing Game" sessions I ran with friends.

The Wizards of the Trident
The Battle with Big Jahn

Leeds Castle Landscapes

Experimental Illustration created while studying the gardeners working at Leeds castle. 

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