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 The Quiescent

Story Written by Michael Sambrook and Rob Jones, and published in The Horrere Halloween Special by Madius Comics.

Faith The Scifi RPG:
Escape from Alfadabin

Mini tutorial and adventure seed comic published by Burning Games on Free RPG day to promote their Role Playing Game Faith: the Scifi RPG.

Ghoster: The Gallowing

Supernatural Ghost hunting comic created and written Toby Meakins & Thom Burgess.
(Lettering by Thom Burgess, SFX by me.)

Distant Fortunes
Part 1: Beginnings

Comic written by Eddie Weinel, and Logo designed by Alex Shapland.

The Hunt

A personal project of mine, a silent comic following two hunters that cross paths in the forest.

Malevolents Issue 1:
Click Click

Horror Comic Written by Thom Burgess of Captcha Studios.

Malevolents Teaser Poster
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