Joe Becci is a freelance artist from South-east England, with an undying love for drawing fantastical characters, and the worlds they inhabit. 


He has worked in a variety of illustrative fields including Comic books, Children's books, Character designs & Concept art. 

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Review Excerpts:

"Joe Becci’s illustrations are money. His ability to create menace through minimal detail deserves applause of the loudest nature, and his understanding of shadowing is almost unsettling."

- Matt Molgaard from Horrornovelreviews.com (Malevolents Review)

"Joe Becci’s detailed artwork fascinated me ... The art definitely added infinitesimally to the darkness of Malevolents: Click, Click and brought the terror of the specter into sharper focus."

- Jodi Scaife from Fanbasepress.com (Malevolents Review)

​"The talented Joe Becci adds spine-chilling and breathtaking artwork to the macabre world of Ghoster ... the artwork and color palette perfectly rounds out this horror action graphic book, setting its shadowy tone from the very first panel, and not wavering once."

- Michael Fromm from Monkeysfightingrobots.co (Ghoster Review)

"The design for this is absolutely gorgeous. Artist Joe Becci does a great job with the look and feel of the Ghosters. They're dark and broody, yet earnest and pure. It's an interesting mix that's more than a little badass."

James Ferguson from HorroDNA.com (Ghoster Review)

"Becci’s art is impressive and expressive, capturing the creeping sense of dread throughout the early portion of the story before really cutting loose in the later stages and delivering the comedic sting with a flourish."

- Craig Neilson-Adams from Bigcomicpage.com (Horrere Review)

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